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Home Study Foundation Course in Classical Homoeopathy

We know from experience that many people would love to study homoeopathy in more depth but for various reasons can find attending a College difficult, especially at weekends when most Colleges run their part-time courses. Whether it is childcare problems, distance travelling or disability, at the Yorkshire Centre of Classical Homoeopathy we understand and offer you a home study programme that can be started when you want, completed in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

This is how it works

When you are ready to start we ask that you pay for the course, this can be in one full payment or three instalments, we then send you the first study pack (The taster unit) containing coursework and assignments carefully designed to help you understand homoeopathy at a deeper level than you could from just reading books or searching the internet. Once you have completed the unit you send it back to us for our comments and marking, we then return that to you together with your next study pack. There are six study packs in total (including the first taster unit) The study packs can be either in hard copy posted to you or by email in PDF, you decide which format suits you best.

The first study pack you receive is the Taster Unit (unit 1)

This unit introduces you to the three core subjects you will study in detail should you decide to do the complete foundation course. These are, Materia Medica (the study of remedies) Philosophy and Case taking & analysis. The main principles of homoeopathy are discussed and explained in detail along with the history of homoeopathy and its place in the world of medicine today.  The remaining five study packs take you on a learning journey that helps you to understand homeopathy in more depth providing an extremely solid foundation and knowledge base from which you can continue to study further should you wish.


The total cost of the course is £900.00 payable in one amount or in three equal instalments of £300.00 for two units at a time.

Payment can be by cheque (To: YCCH) or by Paypal (please ask for details)

How to enrol

There are no entry requirements for the Home Study Course so you can sign up right now if you wish to, just email, write or telephone us with your name, address and contact details not forgetting to let us know how you would like to receive your study packs (paper format or as a PDF download)


When you have successfully completed the course you will receive the Foundation Certificate in Classical Homeopathy

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