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Testimonials – What our students & our Clinic Patients say

What our students say…

Lisa Hall

first year course review:
I entered the first year Classical Homeopathy course at YCCH at a later point than others. I feel exceptionally lucky to have had the chance to study with you all and in the short time I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in YCCH lectures, any apprehension I first had vanished in the first Teams call I attended. You are both, Monica and Tony, without doubt so very knowledgeable and insightful, but more than that, you bring the study of homeopathy alive. You have such an interesting way of delivery, whilst also being kind and attentive, astute and thoughtful, I always come away with so many questions answered and so many questions to ask! I wondered how I’d feel about picking up studying again, I never felt truly inspired at University, but I really love this type of learning on course weekends. For instance, when we have covered a remedy in class, I could have read it in a book half a dozen times, but I don’t truly understand the picture of it, maybe you call it the essence, until I’ve listened to you both describe and cover the details of it in class, given it an anecdotal story – then I get it! Without doubt homeopathy is a vast subject of study, but what I’ve liked most is the focussing on core principles, the referring back to the classical elements and also the variety of study subjects in year one. Also I’ve been really inspired so far with the Paul Herscu aspects of the course, the theory, the cycles and segments for remedy selections, the NESH programme, books and lectures and really looking forward to any seminars in the future. Overall, I’d just say I’m very happy with what we’ve covered so far and I’m very keen to start the second year. Thank you!

Daniella Schindler – First year Student 2021

Personal reflections of the past year.

The first year was really valuable for learning about how homeopathy works.
It has been extremely important for  me to set this law and embedded it in my mind as a firm foundation.

I so appreciate the experience and knowledge of our teachers and also their patience in forwarding their knowledge to someone who has had no proper knowledge of homeopathy.

Throughout this first year our teachers have been exemplary in maintaining a professional academic experience when we could not meet in person there was always a good source of valuable material available for students.

When classes resumed the space of the classroom was used to keep everyone as safe as possible.

I am extremely excited to see how this year will be and look forward to learn more and to study more patients in person rather than on paper.

Thank you so much.

Daniela Schindler
Vicky Thevenon – First Year Student 2021
Has the course met my expectations

This course has more than met my expectations – I look forward to the class weekends and thoroughly enjoy them. Homework is relevant, the class is friendly, supportive and non- judgemental. Many of us share similar views and concerns about allopathic medicine and are able to support each other through challenging times in the current climate of Covid and government restrictions and boundaries

Has the teaching been what I expectedThe teaching has been informal, yet extremely informative and engaging. The tutors are both experienced and extremely knowledgeable – it is a joy to sit in the class, despite my journey, and I am excited about returning to class in September.

Salamet Hussain who recently qualified and is now a registered Homeopath:

“Thank you so much Monica and Tony it was such an honour studying with you, I had an amazing time on the Three Year Professional Training Course and learnt so much from both of you from your many years ‘in the field’ and through your continued work with some of the top homeopaths in the world. By the way I really would put you both right up there at the top with them.”

Rabia Amini joined the YCCH after previously studying for three years at a London College.
How has studying with the YCCH helped you in your development as a classical homeopath?
Extending my studies at the YCCH has given me a helpful insight and knowledge into how to become a more efficient homeopath. Although I had three years of education at an alternative institution, I was introduced to the cycles and segments approach by Tony and Monica, and was taught in a manner that has enabled me to understand and apply it in a short time. Combined with understanding classical philosophy and materia medica, learning at the YCCH has made my application of practices much more comprehensive, and thus, more successful.
The cycles and segments themselves are taught in an intelligent and systematic way, especially whilst taking a case. Not only does this aid in acquiring a better remedy picture, it also helps create structure to ask appropriate questions and determine themes and patterns of a patient’s symptoms, making the process of finding the best remedy more efficient.
Philosophy and materia medica are also taught very meticulously: the cycle of a remedy can be understood and observed whilst case taking and determining segments from a case. The classes at YCCH have been very cohesive yet informal, making learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Seema Parkash – First Year Student at the YCCH
What inspired you to study homeopathy?
I always had an interest in natural and alternative medicine. This interest led to learning something deeper and powerful and after looking and trying different holistic therapies, homeopathy caught my interest. It is a beautiful and fascinating method of healing. It can help restore health and harmony and has a tremendous power to cure various physical and mental symptoms. In recent years my interest increased further as my son had a diagnosis of Asperger’s. This allowed me to look at homeopathy from a more detailed perspective in researching certain remedies for my family and peers.
How has your view of homeopathy changed since you started studying with the YCCH?
I have a better understanding of homeopathy since I have joined the YCCH. Such as which symptoms are more important than others and what needs to be fixed in a patient. I have learnt how to look at the whole picture of a patient based on the totality of the symptoms and how different remedies have different personalities. I learn something new in every lesson and hope to continue shaping and improving my skills as I gain even more knowledge.
What are your dreams and aspirations after you qualify?
I have always liked to help people as I am sympathetic as a person and will be able to help more people through homeopathy. Homeopathy is a very rewarding profession and I am pleased that I have chosen the YCCH to pursue my dream.
David Foster is a second year student at the YCCH.
What inspired you to study homeopathy?
My inspiration to study Homeopathy started about 23 years ago when I used to suffer from severe hay fever. When driving there were times when I would have to stop due to my eyes watering and not been able to see. I decided to visit a homeopath and was amazed me when my symptoms disappeared. I kept my mind open over the years as my interest started to grow. I had heard so many bad things in the past about homeopathy, that it was nothing more than a placebo. I thought why is everyone saying so many bad things about homeopathy? Why does this medicine that definitely cured me of my symptoms not get recognized?
In 1999 I attended an introduction to Homeopathy course at the YCCH and my interest grew. I decided that I would like to study at a professional level and be able to help other people with this fantastic medicine. Being a physiotherapist I already have the pleasure of making people better from ailments such as back pain, sciatica, etc, but I decided I wanted to go further. The YCCH has proven to be a very friendly College with not the intimidating atmosphere you can experience elsewhere.
How has your view of homeopathy changed since studying with the YCCH?
My awareness about homeopathy is now backed up by actually seeing patients getting better through the College’s student clinic, and through lectures in class about the way remedies work. Philosophy, Materia medica and Organon study are all taught in an integrated way which makes learning extremely interesting and entertaining. I know I have a lot to learn, but the pieces of the jigsaw of this wonderful system of medicine are really starting to fit together.
Since my studies began at the YCCH I have come to realize that to cure a patient isn’t just down to finding the right remedy at the first consultation, it is also about managing a case over a period of time, helping the patient to optimum health. It is also important that patients are also given lifestyle advice such as good nutrition and exercise which are essential in keeping the body healthy.
What are your dreams and aspirations after you qualify as a homeopath?
My aspirations and dreams about homeopathy are to become a good classical homeopath with a successful practice, gain a greater understanding of naturopathic medicine as a whole. Homeopathy is great medicine and the YCCH is a great place to learn it.

Trevor Jago – Post Graduate student of the YCCH

 The teaching at the YCCH concentrates exclusively around the Herscu method, whilst also of course providing for the rest of the essentials of a good classical professional homeopathic training and philosophy. There are plenty of live cases at the college weekends, so students have precious hands on experience in analysing together the Herscu way. It is a very friendly, very welcoming place to study, comfortably informal, but very serious of course about professional standards.
Rebecca Grice  MBRCP Hom

“When the opportunity to study homeopathy at the Yorkshire College arose I had a thorough look at what other Colleges had to offer both locally and nationally, the reason I chose the YCCH was that I found it to be the only College offering a purely classical education in homeopathy. I was not disappointed and now enjoy practising as a registered homeopath myself.”

What our Patients say:

Lisa, Ilkley. Patient at the Student Clinic

I want to pass on my heartfelt thanks for all your input, wisdom and excellent care during my time with you. When I first came to see you all I was at a real low crisis point in my life.  I feel very lucky to have found the college and taken a leap of faith. In case there’s any doubt, I just want to say this journey of my healing with you has completely changed my life.

I wish all of you all the best in the future, you’ve all taken your own leaps of faith in your own way, I really admire your bravery and this is certainly more of what the world needs.  I hope this is only the beginning for me and homeopathy also.

Thank you for inspiring me and for all the treatment I’ve received, I am forever grateful.

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