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New Season

Many patients come in during the change over from one season to another. The person has to adapt to the new season. We strain against the new season’s changeability.In doing so, our bodies use up too much energy and we become susceptible. The healthy person will go through this change with only slight ailments. The sick person will find it hard to adjust. Coughs, colds will linger on. If they are really chronically ill.,they may only feel unwell, the body not being able to express the symptoms of distress now. So when you start coughing or come down with a cold during the change of season, look upon this as a time of adjustment. You may get through it by just using natural remedies, like honey and lemon, ginger, vitamin C , for sore throats, etc. If symptoms persist you may just need a top up of your constitutional remedy (seeing a Homeopath will confirm this) or maybe a different remedy for the acute state you are in. Remember , look upon symptoms as the expression of the healing process, an indication that the body is trying to rectify things and bring about equilibrium.

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